Respect- it matters more than flattering

Alright there is one thing that every one should get straight…get off with your stereotype mentality and please stop passing opinion about anyone…no matter u know them or met them or may b that you never know wat made that person, the kind of person he/she is..keep yourself in their place and think what if someone who haven’t met you or seen you speaks about you.. well you are no one’s custodian and you are no one to say anything about anyone in any context..God has gifted you with your life be happy about it..not sad about’s struggle is never greater than anyone else’s..what if a fourth party talks abt you or anyone close related to you whereas he/she never met anyone of you…respect all..n if you cannot atleast don’t disrespect them… respect really matters more than flattering..there will b thousands to appreciate you in front of you but there are few who really respect you so be among those few for someone and many more will b added to your list of those know this works like a chain till one final day when all your haters are gone.. THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS IN THE END!!


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