Her smile touched her eyes as if the call was all she longed for. “Hey are you listening to me? I was so worried about your well being..where have you been all this while? Do you even understand your responsibility towards your friends or not? Now speak up why are you mum?…”, the trail went on from the other side of the call. “Hey” , that’s all she could manage. ” I was dying to hear that. Hey!”, he sighed over the phone. “Well thanks for calling but how did you manage this number?” , she enquired.
“Well I had to stalk you for that.” The reply sent a chill through her spine. “But why? You could have dropped a mail instead if you so wanted to. Why stalking?”, was her obvious concern. The man over the phone was now mum. He couldn’t reply spontaneously whereas in the meanwhile her mother came from the kitchen asking who was actually over the phone. “A stranger. Wrong number” , she replied in a haste, as if to hide something. After keeping the receiver she escaped to her books and acted like she was too engrossed. 

Once her mother left she began to think about the phone call. It was unusual for her to get so much attention and thus making her confused over the voice of her conscience.
The teenager was inclined towards the virtual life and finally when she got a chance to escape in that world again she wanted to grab it.
Few days have gone by since the day of the call. The spark of her eyes is back. She is chirpy again but this time she is more careful about protecting and defending her happiness. Still her parents engrossed in the worldly affairs forget to take notice of her changing behaviour but this time more because she disguised her feelings and desires into something they wanted to see.


2 thoughts on “THE PHONE CALL!!

  1. Well written !
    Last lines – ” Disguised her feelings and desires into something they wanted to see ”
    Acting krne mein toh ajkal ke youth maahir hain .
    đŸ˜€ đŸ˜€


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