I read that quote on a social networking site and that explained me how less this generation understands of love. Love is something that doesn’t need any parameters to prove its existence then how come jealousy? I believe love is pious and it happens only when you believe religiously in that relation.

What does one mean by true love? Love is a feeling that is so pure in its being itself that there is no question of falseness in it. If its love it cannot be fake.

Love is not just about love with your partner but more than that. When we as a child were born we were loved by all and that’s our introduction to love. As we grow we felt the warmth of our parents and grandparents and that’s our second interaction with love and since then it’s a gradual process. When you don’t term that love with the parameter of jealousy, truth or fake, then why for the person whom you want to connect and stay with for life? It’s either love or not but calling such a pious feeling as fake is itself so negative. When we connect with someone and love is the catalyst it itself is such a positive bend in your life that your perception about all changes and then there is no space for negatives like jealousy left. Jealousy happens when there is no love and instead a strong attraction and then when someone/ something comes between your attraction and you then enters the feeling of jealousy as you have a strong urge to hold it yourself, you want to possess it and name it yours whereas when its about love you hold a strong belief in your feeling and when someone/something comes between your love and you then you tend to loosen up the strings and let your partner decide. You are filled with so much care and selflessness towards your partner that you never think of your happiness over theirs and therefore even if they leave you someday you would never name it as fake love as you would know how to respect what you had in between, what you gave her/him and then you wish just for her/his happiness that’s all.



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