The Meet..!

Few weeks are left before her examinations are scheduled and here she is getting restless in a park waiting for her friend to arrive. Actually the friend has slowly crept in her life so much and has become so important to her that she has lied to her parents for him saying that she was going to her teacher’s place for important last minute notes. Parents are just so much in love with her that they don’t even imagine about her lie. She was dropped by her father in front of her teacher’s house whereas she left for the park immediately after her father left. The boy was late and this made her restless. She was about to call her father and leave when she heard “Hey Ishika!”. She immediately found that voice to be familiar and decided to stay calm whereas her heart wasn’t letting her be. She turned around and there stood a lean fit tall boy. He wore nice black polished shoes a formal outfit as if coming directly from a meeting, his tie hung lose whereas his smile was right in place, his cheeks were blushing which reached his eyes like a twinkle. It seemed he was so happy to see her, to see Ishika. ‘ You are mine ‘, he murmured in his head. “Hey Rakshit!” , the words came out so softly as if she lost her voice. “I thought you won’t be able to make it”, she managed just to hide her feelings. Somehow her conscience was reminding her of the wrongness but she subdued it thinking it to be normal for all first meets.

“I am sorry for being that late actually i was stuck in my office, I am so sorry you had to wait for so long”, said the man almost in his mid twenties. Although Ishika was young but she lacked the joy of a child and thus thought her to be matured enough to indulge in such a friendship. The silence between both the smiling faces lasted quite long when Ishika broke the silence “How exactly did you stalk me?”, taking interest in something that was introduced to her so conveniently while making her unaware of the fact that it was actually a crime. “Well nothing much, after checking your school and photograph from the social networking site I went to your school and guessed your class with your age. Then from the guard I inquired about the school timings and finally started waiting outside your school for you and then after 2-3 days i was able to spot you easily…Once i located you i followed you to your place and then after some more inquiring and research i managed your land-line number. Simple.” The process was explained with so much ease that she couldn’t figure out anything bad in it. She was convinced and let out a sigh. Thereon they had a regular conversation where she would express all her feelings about her life happenings, people in her school, family, in fact everything she could think of. Rakshit proved to be a dedicated listener as well as a philosopher and guide where he constantly reminded her of all the good in her life.

She didn’t realize where the time flee until her phone rang. It was already an hour late from what she had promised. Her panic was clear in her expression when he offered to drop her home on his bike. She had told her father that she would manage getting back on an auto as her father was going to be busy in a meeting. She immediately received the call after hearing his offer and said, “Hey papa, I tried calling you but the line was constantly engaged.” “Where are you?”, said the rough voice. “Finding a auto, actually the one I took on my way back stopped all of a sudden. The driver said there is some problem with it. After that I left it and now I am finding another. Don’t worry as I see an auto coming, I will be back soon”, she disconnected the phone in an haste. She didn’t let her father reply even. Another lie. She looked towards him with a mixed expression and he immediately gave her a soothing smile in return.

He dropped her half a kilometer away from her house as she had asked and left. She walked back home from there. This wasn’t giving her the right kind of feeling and in-spite of knowing this she followed it thinking she may get used to it in few times. Few times…she was unaware of what fate had in store for her…


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