I am moving from my city of work to my home town. I am seriously not sure of will i ever come back to this place. This place has given me a lot to add on to my life. I am going to miss all of it. The work, the workplace, the people, the streets I walk down to, mentors, everything has given me so many memories in a year that it is difficult to just let it go that easily. I am going to miss everything as much as I am going to miss myself, the person I have been all this while.

I never lived alone, away from my parents. This was a big step I had to take in order to achieve my set goals. It sounded exciting at first but on my first day without my parents I realised how tough it is going to be. When you make friends it all becomes easy and so did happen. As soon as I lost the protection of my parents I received the support of my new friends.

Today, I am travelling back home but with me I am taking so many happy moments, love, care and so many friends for life. I wish to thank you all for being there. Thank you for making me a better person. 🙂

After living for a year here it seems I am once again going away from my home and I am going to miss this home and you all as much as I used to miss that home.


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