When you sit down in front of your computer screen and search for tickets to fly back home, it seems as if years have gone by since you saw those old eyes twinkling looking at you, when those wrinkled hands touched you with affection, when you had a schedule with no worries. House is built by many but home is a memory created by those living in it.

I still remember old melodies playing in background which my father used to try and sing. He always mocked about his singing saying, “I am a good bathroom singer.” Hahaha! If anyone used to say that about him he would just sit quitely imitating as if angry. I still remember that mischievous smile on his face whenever he planned to tease maa. I could easily guess it with his expression, what was actually planned ahead.

This race for a better living made us really forget what living actually meant. I didn’t really realise all over this time how much I missed home. How much I have missed living! I am feeling a different anxiety and butterflies in my stomach, thinking, would it all be the same, would I now be a misfit in their world, how will they feel on finding me back home?

Had I missed a lot?

I always noticed but never acknowledged that even if due to this mechanical schedule of life I forgot dates and anniversaries but I was always equally imperative for them as they never forgot my important dates, my needs, even when I was far off. At times due to stress I used to feel irritated by their regular calls but now i understand how important those calls were for them and for me to make me realise I am not a robot.

Amidst my busy life, ambitious and goals I also forgot that as I am growing so are they. They need me as much as I need them or even more.

I don’t consider caring for parents in this age as duty whereas I feel that it should come from within, the urge to be with them, the urge to caress them as much as we can.

I long for them and now i realise how much. Glad I took a decision to return to them. To my readers I  would like to request if you haven’t spend time with your parents and grandparents lately then do take out time for them as I feel one’s success is waste if he/she forget who is the reason behind their existence. I agree in this competitive world it is not easy to leave all and go and live with them, then in that case make them stay with you if possible (that is, if they have retired from work and/or in old age) whereas, if not possible to stay with them then do visit them often.

As the man grows old, he returns to his childhood. So remember even they like surprises as kids do! 😉


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