The Boy!

After dropping Ishika, Rakshit slowly ride his bike back. Slower than usual. Lost in thoughts. For him the most beautiful girl of the world was sitting on the backseat of his bike.

Although Rakshit was a young man in his mid 20s with an approximate age difference of 11 years with his new friend but he didn’t find that relation awkward or objectionable. His peers have even noticed the change in his behaviour but nobody could guess the reason would be a girl with who is so younger to him. He was slowly falling for her but did Ishika had any idea of it. I don’t think so. Although Rakshit always wanted her good but wasn’t able to notice or say it was his ignorance that didn’t let him notice the impact he had on her studies. Rakshit himself was a law student and was good in studies and he even knew about Ishika’s falling grades for which she was scolded every other day. Rakshit used to listen to her problem, tell her what she wanted to hear, make her feel good and talk about the world. If he would have thought of her he would have explained her the need of good grades and studies, he would have stayed away but he never bothered to even direct her towards studies as he thought that may take away Ishika from him; he was being selfish.

Here Ishika lost her interest in studies and telling lie to her parents became her daily habit. She became too fond of him and would speak to him all day long. For talking Rakshit gifted her a cell which she accepted but hid from her parents. She somehow believed the change in her behaviour to be fine. She was told that such changes are usual and happen with everybody and somehow she couldn’t crosscheck it with anybody.

It was her last day of unit test and Rakshit’s birthday and she for the first time bunked her school for him…


4 thoughts on “The Boy!

  1. Loving this one…
    1st for all its really fascinating and interesting…
    And 2nd…I don’t know how but my name is Rakshit and also I have a close friend with the name Ishika πŸ˜€ but she is 1 year younger than me…n we haven’t fell for each other πŸ˜€ GOD. Good Luck. Keep uploading. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well i am quite intrigued about it..really thank you so much for liking..i hope you keep following my blog and you like the upcoming parts as well..


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