The Surprise..

The girl planned a special birthday gift for him where she wanted to let him know her attraction. She always heard about love in movies and thought that it was hers. She started believing in bollywood films and the love in them. She was seeing her future with him without realising about the troubles in their ways if they pursue this path.

Bunking school and spending the whole day with him was her perfect plan. She wanted to go to his place with him so that they could have their private space. I believe that’s not what a teenager mind would think but hers was turning out to be out of the blue. She was sure that Rakshit would love her plan but to her surprise it turned out to be the other way round. “How could you plan something like this without even asking me? No you are going to school tomorrow and that’s final. How could you even think of doing so?”, explained Rakshit.

“Why whom are you busy with tomorrow that you cannot spend the day with me? I know your parents are out of town and would not be back for a week more. Then what is the problem with me staying at your place the whole day long? I thought you would love the idea.”, Ishika sobbed.

“Of course spending a day with you without any excuses or hurries will be the best day for me but that day cannot be so soon. I know I am sounding wierd but try and understand. I am elder to you. I understand better.”

All she could further hear was the engaged dail tone and it took her a while to absorb his reaction. In the time she could analyse the conversation the bell rang again. She quickly received the call. “Hello”, that was with lot of expectations and somehow she believed that it was Rakshit on the other side.

“Ishika if you really want to gift me something and see me happy then please leave me forever because I am done with your kiddish behaviour and I seriously want to get rid of it forever. I hope you get what I am saying as it is good for you as well as me. All the best for your future. Good Bye.”

…and the tear rolled down his eyes holding the receiver close to his chest.

Happy Birthday to me was what he whispered..


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