Confession – I

Although the girl was shattered but still she couldn’t show anyone what just happened to her and at once her whole dream world fell apart, and all she could do to save it was, nothing. She wanted to question him about what he said but all she heard were the blank phone calls. Even though she decided to move on in life it took her two years to accept the real world as her world. She never tried to open up to people in this new world. She again was back to her shell and no one questioned her now for this as along with her everybody else was also used to such a behaviour. At one she exelled in her studies but on the other she didn’t know anything else. No one was concerned about it other than her parents and then finally one day her parents tried to sneak in her life and question what was to be asked long back was questioned after 3 years.

“Ishika what is wrong with you? What never allowed you to mingle with others? Tell us. We are your parents you can share everything with us. What is wrong? Did something happen to you? What is the reason behind such a closed behaviour of yours?”, were the questions shooted by her parents towards her. “YOU”, that’s how she summed up the answer. Her parents were shocked but she wore a neutral expression on her face as if tightly holding something with her and not letting anyone know about it.

“How?”, was all her father could manage when she explained, “Why are you asking me this question when I am 18. Where were you both busy all these 18 long years of my life. I never demanded anything from you both like I see other kids demanding their parents. All I always longed for was time and attention of someone. Even I want people should feel I am important, and see my demand is fulfilled today that people talk about me call me wierd and mad, giving me names, teasing me thinking this is fun for them but for me…I have spend nights crying over things but that never bothered you, not even when you used to find my pillow as well as my bedsheet wet. I agree that neither did you scold me ever but similarly nor did you ever sit with me like this and asked about what was wrong. How am I supposed to open up to you or anyone when you both are walking with shields around you whereas I am in a different shell. I had someone whom I thought listens to me and feels I am special but I was so wrong as you all live lives for your happiness not caring what others might feel out of it.” More than her statements the ease in them was shocking for her parents. It seemed she never had any feelings for her parents whereas her parents were fond of her and believed they did whatever they could do for her. 

“Why do you think I should open up to you when I haven’t in all these years. Well yes I know the First and the last time we had a discussion where you bothered to question me about something and that was the discussion about my stream after 10th. Why do you think I will answer anything so deep grown and personal about me? Dad why did you take an off for this discussion? Really we don’t need it, I was doing fine without it and would do always. I just can’t be around people that’s all. There was someone whom I let in my shell and he hurt me from inside and tried to break me so this time my shell is even stronger and won’t let anyone in. That’s it. Now is my study time so I guess end of discussion. Bye. And ya you have your day off so go out with your family and friends, don’t waste it on me.” The door behind her closed and with those faded words her parents sat stunned on her confession of blaming them for her behaviour, but who knew there was lot more to come…


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