Still waiting…

I still love you. I still feel for you. It’s been years since I confessed it you. I know the moment you read it you will understand it’s about you. More than love it’s an unsettling feeling as we were never together and i don’t think will ever be but still there is a horizon where we meet, where we settle. I have been waiting to say it since years but never got enough courage to give words to it. Even today I am writing it but have not gathered the courage to say it to your face. I care about you, I always did. I knew I created the rift between us but not seeing off the shore was the worst feeling ever. Seeing you everyday and sensing all is fine became my habit.

I still remember when you went missing from my daily reach and I started to panic. It was my wait for you that gave me strength. Not that I ever wanted to be an obligation but my wait was for that unsettling feeling to come on surface atleast once. I know that is never going to happen still something gives me hope that one day the differences will be erased.

We are friends but the boundaries are so strong that it seems a name sake. I still feel comfortable with it. There is a different joy in longing for you.

We both have come far in our lives and I know you never halted at that place where I lost my heart to you. Years have gone by and I know you might be shocked on reading it but chill its nothing like I expect anything from you. I am happy that we are talking now. That sounds great to me as far as I know you are doing fine.

Lastly I would like to tell you I don’t know if the feeling is mutual between us but on my part I would like to promise you that I will stand by you always and you can take me as your 3am call or as your secret keeper its all safe with me and I am standing by you always.

Still waiting….


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