The night slipped into morning but the door of her room didn’t open after the conversation and her parents took time to digest the truth and thought she needs solace and time so didn’t bother to knock even once. In the morning when the maid arrived she knocked the door and then twisted the nob thinking the door might not be locked from inside like always and she was right for the fact but something was unusual. The bedsheet had no wrinkles on it as if no one touched the bed since previous morning. The books were in the cupboard and the room was done tidy as it was left the other morning. It seemed to be a lifeless room, as if no one stayed in there. Ishika wasn’t the kind of girl who would organise her room like her mother does for her every single day. The maid thought Ishika was in her washroom and without a doubt she cleaned the room and went out closing the door behing her. Ishika’s mother saw the maid coming out of Ishika’s room,thus enquired about Ishika “Is she still sleeping?” “No, she is in the washroom; and today she even organised her room so early”, replied the maid. “How is this possible Ishika never wakes up so early, may be she is ill. Let me check”, her mother spoke while opening the door of her room. She was shocked on seeing her room organised but ignoring that she walked towards her washroom and called out for her while knocking the door. “Ishika are you alright. Shall I call the doctor if you are not well. Open the door let me know what’s wrong baby.”

5 minutes have gone by knocking the door and no reply was received by the persistent knocking so her mother rotated the knob of the door of the washroom and the door opened at once. No one was there. It seemed as if no one visited it since yesterday. Ishika seemed to be far gone. Her mother rushed to her father after calling for the security and told her father whatever happened. Mrs. Singh was sure that Ishika is not at home. They searched her room again to find any traces through which they could track her. They opened her cupboard to find it as it was but wait a sec! Some dresses were missing, her watch was missing and so was her rucksack. Her piggy bank where she collected her each month’s pocket money was empty with its key attached to it. It was evident that she left her home but where could she go? She had no friends afterall..


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