I missed it..moreover I missed the practice sessions and the innovations we used to make…I missed the stage.

I thought I would never return to it. I thought it was all we had and no more memories were to be created but I guess I was wrong.

Lucknow – a house of Kathak, the place where I belong called me back in its embrace and the result was ‘GURUKRIPA’. An annual event organised by Kalashri Kathak Kendra as a tribute to Kathak Guru Late Smt. Kapila Raj. Ma’am we all miss you.

In this event people from all genres come together oncd in a year to organise this wonderful event. It was all not possible without Moon Moon Rabha – the mind behind the concept; as you call it “the thread in the necklace “. Thank you ma’am for believing in us with your idea.

I see the art of Kathak fading and that saddens me. Its finishing at the core where it all began. Only a few maestros are left in the field and the others are just following the suit instead of aiming of mastering the field. Where on one place I believe in spreading the art form to far off placd there on the other i find people related to this field losing interest.

“Traditions are not to be forgotten”

I wish that God gives me enough strength to take the legacy forward and I hope I am able to preserve the art of Kathak.
For more updates on the show or the group follow me on Facebook.


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