The secret admirer

Its been years since Ishika left her city. The place where she belonged was not her parent’s place but a place where dreams were given freedom without checks. Finally, she moved on. She was happy as she was away from the fakeness of relationships and people.

She had no regrets chosing her path. Yes her parents visit her often but things have changed between them. It was more of a formality between Ishika and her father.

On the other hand Rakshit is still stuck in the past with regrets about letting her go. He is living a life of “Ifs” where Ishika is not even thinking of anything related to her past. 

Rakshit has started his own business as per his plans and running it successfully whereas Ishika is studying about social work and runs an NGO. She also took to penning down her thoughts. She has started believing in sharing the load of her mind and heart to all the people concerned with it.

“Ma’am you have fan mails waiting to be responded”, said a girl to the lady sitting on the work table engrosed in her work.

Slowly lifting her eyelids and looking towards the girl, the lady said with a smile,  “Keep them on my desk…How many of them are there? Any regulars? If yes, keep them on the top.”

“Yes ma’am just one regular who wrote 4 letters this week. What do you feel ma’am? Why does he writes his initials and not his name? “

The lady smiled knowingly and said, ” It’s good to be strangers.” As she picked the envolope that said R.


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