“Listen Bumm i am really not interested in talking to any lame friend of yours no matter how convincingly he tells you that he likes me….”. “….Are you kidding me? You are now trying to explain me that a guy is in love with me after seeing that ugly photograph of mine in which i am barely smiling? Look Bumm this conversation between us is over…just because i had a break up recently i am really not looking for a rebound for now and i don’t believe in this love at first sight shit so it’s better that we don’t discuss it further..I know what all guys come to at the end. Bye.”

*phone buzz*

Soon after I disconnected the call with my bestie I received a Whatsapp notification. I was added to a group by my best friend where the third party was some unknown number. I guess he is the guy Bumm was talking about over that phone call and surely Bumm is going to be dead for sharing my number and how weird is this guy, he knows I am not interested then why is he…UGH!!

Well I guess destiny traced it’s path that way for us. Today when I am here sharing about this incident about how this weirdo came in my life I am also excited to see him after an year in few hours. It’s been 4 years since I first talked to him. My love for you has always grown. Each time when I think how more can I love you it’s never enough as what we share is like ever expanding Universe. You are my Universe.

I know I got weak. I know I tripped while we were running towards our future. I didn’t want to leave hands but I got hurt enough to hold myself with both my hands. Let’s just sit here calmly completing each other while my wounds are the meanwhile let’s just be us.

Always by your side..

Loving you..

HAPPY 4th..


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