“Listen Bumm i am really not interested in talking to any lame friend of yours no matter how convincingly he tells you that he likes me….”. “….Are you kidding me? You are now trying to explain me that a guy is in love with me after seeing that ugly photograph of mine in which i am barely smiling? Look Bumm this conversation between us is over…just because i had a break up recently i am really not looking for a rebound for now and i don’t believe in this love at first sight shit so it’s better that we don’t discuss it further..I know what all guys come to at the end. Bye.”

*phone buzz*

Soon after I disconnected the call with my bestie I received a Whatsapp notification. I was added to a group by my best friend where the third party was some unknown number. I guess he is the guy Bumm was talking about over that phone call and surely Bumm is going to be dead for sharing my number and how weird is this guy, he knows I am not interested then why is he…UGH!!

Well I guess destiny traced it’s path that way for us. Today when I am here sharing about this incident about how this weirdo came in my life I am also excited to see him after an year in few hours. It’s been 4 years since I first talked to him. My love for you has always grown. Each time when I think how more can I love you it’s never enough as what we share is like ever expanding Universe. You are my Universe.

I know I got weak. I know I tripped while we were running towards our future. I didn’t want to leave hands but I got hurt enough to hold myself with both my hands. Let’s just sit here calmly completing each other while my wounds are the meanwhile let’s just be us.

Always by your side..

Loving you..

HAPPY 4th..


Long Distance Relationship 

​Long distance relationship is one

of the best


It’s really sweet to see two patient

hearts that

are willing to wait bcoz they think


everything is worth it anyway.

Yes it’s hard not being together


U cannot hold each other’s


U cannot kiss and hug

each other,

but still,

U know that one day u will.

But …

Thank You Readers

Thank you readers for admiring my work. I am not able to connect with you here for past sometime now but hereby I promise to be regular with my posts.

Today when I opened my blog page to just randomly go through a few post I somehow decides to check on the stats as well and to my surprise I saw this

I know I haven’t been regular and after such a long gap finding this in the status bar makes me overwhelmed. 
Thank you all once again for reading and appreciating.

The secret admirer

Its been years since Ishika left her city. The place where she belonged was not her parent’s place but a place where dreams were given freedom without checks. Finally, she moved on. She was happy as she was away from the fakeness of relationships and people.

She had no regrets chosing her path. Yes her parents visit her often but things have changed between them. It was more of a formality between Ishika and her father.

On the other hand Rakshit is still stuck in the past with regrets about letting her go. He is living a life of “Ifs” where Ishika is not even thinking of anything related to her past. 

Rakshit has started his own business as per his plans and running it successfully whereas Ishika is studying about social work and runs an NGO. She also took to penning down her thoughts. She has started believing in sharing the load of her mind and heart to all the people concerned with it.

“Ma’am you have fan mails waiting to be responded”, said a girl to the lady sitting on the work table engrosed in her work.

Slowly lifting her eyelids and looking towards the girl, the lady said with a smile,  “Keep them on my desk…How many of them are there? Any regulars? If yes, keep them on the top.”

“Yes ma’am just one regular who wrote 4 letters this week. What do you feel ma’am? Why does he writes his initials and not his name? “

The lady smiled knowingly and said, ” It’s good to be strangers.” As she picked the envolope that said R.

The Truth

“Rakshit is Ishika with you?” , enquired her dad.

“Yes dad I am with him”, came the reply. “I came here to sort some matters out with him but i never knew it was you behind this. I won’t be coming back dad. I want my life to be sorted. I want to be someone known for what I am, loved for what I am. I have always heard people saying life gives chances. Well you never let the chances reach me so this is how I am going to snatch it. I am not staying here and dare you trouble Rakshit anymore. I don’t want him to be troubled more because of me. I am grown up enough to understand what’s right and wrong for me.” Her anger was evident and so was her grief.

“Ishika you can’t do this to your parents. It’s wrong.” Rakshit very well knew her father would be there any minute to get her so all he had to do was stop her from leaving for some more time.

“How can you say that after whatever happened. You know what they did to me. I know they have been nice all throughout. But life is just not about material things. I am happy without expensive and branded products. I just wanted to feel that I was there own child not some responsibility. They never thought I am different from that showpiece in their living room that is just there for decoration.” Tears were rolling down her cheeks and the words were barely audible. 

“Don’t cry. I understand your grief but the path you are choosing to overcome it is not the solution. Please don’t go. If not for your parents then for me. Please stay because I need you.”

Her sudden laughter gave him a reality check. “For you? For a person who left me just on a phone call from my dad? That’s all you had for me. I am nothing to you and you are nothing to me. I was here for my answers not any apology. I am leaving for never coming back to this life again.”

“What will you do? Where will you ho? You have no one. The life out there is not easy and you are still a kid don’t try and act like you are all grown up. You cannot take such an extreme step. You have your whole life ahead of you. What will happen to your studies. You were never so rebellious. What is wrong with you? Ishika try and understand, talk to them they will understand the situation. Please don’t go. Don’t be so stubborn.”

“What do you think you are? I know I am not grown up but atleast I am not selfish as you are, the way you have been with me. Where were you when my grades went down? Where were you when I needed you the most? You were nowhere. I am leaving and that’s final. You are right that I have no one but atleast I will be happy that I don’t have you people.”

The door bell rang.

Mr. Singh came in and Ishika exclaimed, “oh so that’s the plan!” 

“I am not going back.”

“Oh yes you are not. I am sending you out of the city right away. You are not supposed to be staying here a moment more.”

He dragged her away from him.


I missed it..moreover I missed the practice sessions and the innovations we used to make…I missed the stage.

I thought I would never return to it. I thought it was all we had and no more memories were to be created but I guess I was wrong.

Lucknow – a house of Kathak, the place where I belong called me back in its embrace and the result was ‘GURUKRIPA’. An annual event organised by Kalashri Kathak Kendra as a tribute to Kathak Guru Late Smt. Kapila Raj. Ma’am we all miss you.

In this event people from all genres come together oncd in a year to organise this wonderful event. It was all not possible without Moon Moon Rabha – the mind behind the concept; as you call it “the thread in the necklace “. Thank you ma’am for believing in us with your idea.

I see the art of Kathak fading and that saddens me. Its finishing at the core where it all began. Only a few maestros are left in the field and the others are just following the suit instead of aiming of mastering the field. Where on one place I believe in spreading the art form to far off placd there on the other i find people related to this field losing interest.

“Traditions are not to be forgotten”

I wish that God gives me enough strength to take the legacy forward and I hope I am able to preserve the art of Kathak.
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